A Message from Mr. Chan

Dear Friends,


Since I opened the first Lei Garden restaurant in 1973 I have maintained a consistent message to all my staff – the only way to benefit yourself is by benefitting others. There is nothing sweeter than committing all of your capability and heart to a worthy cause. This has been my conviction since I was a boy and this commitment has driven my through every stage of my life.


As Lei Garden grew to become an internationally renowned company, I began to consider how to use my talents and resources to benefit not just my customers but people all over the world. Looking around and seeing the many areas for improvement in the food business I resolved to reform the way we produce and consume food. To that end, I have created my charitable trust, the Lei Foundation, and dedicated all of my wealth to support the Foundation’s mission to improve education, food safety and public health.


Supported in perpetuity by the profits generated by the Lei Group, the Foundation looks forward to playing its part in ushering in a future defined by worldwide access to wholesome, nutritious food that is grown, processed and delivered in an environmentally sustainable way.


I hope you will join us in this noble cause.


Yours sincerely.


S K Chan

About the Lei Foundation

The Lei Foundation was established in 2017 with the aim of improving food standards globally with particular emphasis on food safety, nutrition and taste.


The Foundation promotes research and development into food production, food education and improvements in food processing and delivery.


The Foundation is supported primarily from earnings from the Lei Garden Restaurant Group, made possible by Mr Chan’s endowment of his 100% shareholding in the Group. It also seeks support from individuals, other charitable entities and both public and private sector organisations around the world.


The Foundation is registered and headquartered in Hong Kong (registration number 2585763)



The Foundation aims to lift the global standards of education in the areas of food safety, nutrition and the production of truly tasty food. Generating and disseminating practical knowledge is a priority with emphasis on improving the standards of food handling, dietary practices and sustainable agriculture.



Public Health

Introducing consumers to healthier lifestyles by promoting better food safety and nutrition is a key focus of the Foundation. Funding research, organising and participating in conferences and supporting the development of programmes in the fields of nutrition, health science and medicine are all activities that the Foundation undertakes. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the highest standards of safe and healthy food are made available throughout the world.



Food Safety

The Foundation will initiate research and development into new methods of natural farming and environmentally sustainable food production. It will work with food professionals, academics, scientists and a wide range of government and non-government agencies to develop methods of producing food that is safe, healthy and delicious.

Contact Us

To enquire about the Foundation’s activities and to support its goals email us at leifoundation@leigardengroup.com