Farm / Factory

The Farm of Tomorrow – ‘Farmorrow’


Believing that the quality of great food starts at the root, Lei Group has established a modern, self-sustaining 300-acre (20Ha) farm at Zhanjiang in China’s southern Guangdong Province. The name given to the farm, ‘Farmorrow’, reflects the company’s goal of creating the ‘farm of tomorrow’ using natural techniques to raise animals, vegetables and crops and utilizing byproducts to provide sustainable energy for the farm’s operations.

Each year, Farmorrow produces 10,000 pigs and 150,000 broiler chickens, raised using proprietary husbandry techniques that include the use of specially cooked feed developed to Mr Chan’s own recipes.

The taste and texture of the meat produced by this special feeding regime contributes to the outstanding quality of Lei Garden Restaurants’ cuisine.

Fruit and vegetables are also grown at Farmorrow using natural fertilisers and organic sprays to ensure the highest quality of raw materials for use in the Group’s restaurants.

Lei Group partners with leading agricultural universities and organisations to refine its growing techniques to ensure that they bring out the original taste in both crops and livestock. This is an important first step in the Group’s ‘farm to table’ philosophy.

Food Factory 

In 2015 Lei Group opened its custom-designed, purpose-built 80,000sq.ft. factory at Tai Po in Hong Kong.  Initially established to serve as a central kitchen for the Group’s Hong Kong restaurants, the factory’s role has been expanded to include the production of a growing range of packaged food for purchase through online channels, retail stores and the Group’s restaurants.